Welcome to the “Digital and Innovative Financial Products and Services for MSMEs Beyond Credit” Database! The Indonesian and Indian G20 Presidency together with the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) and the SME Finance Forum, have developed this living, dynamic database of successful examples of digital and innovative financial products and services for MSMEs beyond credit. These non-credit financial instruments may include digital payments, insurance, factoring, guarantees, and other risk management products. We congratulate all the institutions who already contributed their case studies, helping expand our global common knowledge. The database is open to ALL innovative interventions that target MSMEs beyond access to finance. We look forward to hearing about you and your organization’s work.
Financial Institutions - Payment, Savings, Financial education, Credit guarantee - India - Navadhan Capital, UGRO Capital, TruCap Finance, Pinnacle Capital, Caspian Impact, Vivriti Capital, Eclear Leasing & Finance, Samunnati Financials, Augmont and 10 other industry partners for different financial services.
Other - Other - Spain - More than 300 companies. You can see the cases here: https://colectual.com/proyectos-inversion/
Fintech Companies - Remittance, Insurance, Other - Switzerland - Zeepay Ghana Limited, PayInc Ghana Limited, expressPay Ghana Limited, DreamOval Limited, Nsano Limited, IT Consortium Limited